Residences 2021 – Anajara Amarante & Steve Stymest

In August 2021, Making a Difference together with the partner Uferstudios provided two research residencies with a duration of two weeks, this time without a subsequent co-production. The artists were Anajara Amarante and Steve Stymest.

Anajara Amarante

Anajara used the residency to continue research on her project “Decolonization & Disability”. As part of this, she invited artist Yanel Barbeito to collaborate. Together they researched questions about their South American disabled bodies against the background of ableist systems and brought them into a performative, choreographic context. They presented the results of their research to an audience at Uferstudios on 29.08.2021. 

Steve Stymest

During his residency, Steve conducted research with the Deaf drag performers Jan Kress and Eyk Kauly and developed his first draft of a choreography. The starting point was the drag theme as an expression of the ongoing struggle of the queer community against discrimination and for more tolerance and visibility. The result was a 20-minute drag show with choreographic motifs, which Steve Stymest, Jan Kress and Eyk Kauly presented to an audience at the Uferstudios on 29.08.2021.