Project presentation in German Sign Language with German captions.

Project objectives

Since 2018, Making a Difference has been dedicated to promoting an independent and visible community of disabled, d/Deaf and chronically ill artists in the Berlin dance scene. The network offers dancers, choreographers and performers high-quality, accessible training opportunities through a wide range of workshops, as well as the conception and realisation of their own artistic works through residencies and co-productions. Since 2018, about a dozen disabled, d/Deaf and chronically ill artists have been able to visibly position themselves in the Berlin dance scene. The work of Making a Difference has a far-reaching impact, that encourages institutions and cultural workers throughout Germany to make their work more inclusive and accessible.

The guiding principle of the project is to fill all artistic and non-artistic leadership positions with disabled, d/Deaf and chronically ill people. Only if they make the decision and create work themselves, they can equally participate in cultural life as outlined in the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (Article 30). They are also the experts in the artistic use of access tool, such as audio description, relaxed performance or sign language(s).

Since 2022 we focus on these Aesthetics of Access in our programme of workshops for local artists to support them in developing their own inclusive practices.

In addition, the transfer of knowledge and thus the sustainable development of the partners’ competences in inclusive and anti-ableist cultural work is an essential part of our work. The best-practice knowledge gained in the project is passed on to all network partners in the form of consultations and workshops. The aim is that all training, education and advisory services as well as the production and performance platforms of the network partners will be as accessible to disabled, d/Deaf and chronically ill artists as they already are to non-disabled and hearing artists.

Project in transition

Making a Difference’s funding as part of TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund ended on 29 February 2024. While the network is making plans for the future together with Berlin artists and allies, things will initially be a little quieter around the project. The previous project team, consisting of Noa Winter, Anne Rieger, Gina Jeske and Agnieszka Habraschka, is saying goodbye and handing over to a new strategic project manager.

The project’s administration is also passed on within the network from Sophiensæle to Uferstudios. Until a new strategic project manager has been found, Simone Willeit (Head of Uferstudios) is available to answer questions at simone.willeit@uferstudios.com or 030 / 460 60 887.

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The Network

Associated partners

Funded by:

From 2018 to February 2024, the Making a Difference network was funded by TANZPAKT Stadt-Land-Bund with funds from the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and the Media and the Senate Department for Culture and Social Cohesion/Co-Financing Fund.