Residences and Co-productions 2018/2019

Residency Tamara Rettenmund & Perel

Within the framework of a three-week residency, one local and one international artist had the opportunity to conduct artistic research and to develop their own practice with dramaturgical and practical support. Following the residency, local artist Tamara Rettenmund was given the opportunity to continue her work as part of a co-production.

Local artist: Tamara Rettenmund
International artist: Perel (New York/USA)

Five questions for Tamara Rettenmund (2023)

Interview with Tamara Rettenmund from April 4, 2023. In German spoken language with German Sign Language interpretation and subtitles in German and English (selectable).

Click here to access the transcript of the interview in written English

Co-production Tamara Rettenmund: Quest – Schüttgüter und Sternenstaub (2019)

Tamara dances in front of a pitch-black background in a golden sequined dress. She bends forward. The silhouette of her upper body is blurred, indicating the trajectory of her movement.
© Gerald Pirner

Director and performer Tamara Rettenmund has created the piece Quest – Schüttgüter und Sternenstaub as part of the co-production of Making a Difference from November 2018 to April 2019 with her collective Kornblum-Rettenmund. It premiered on 09.04. and was again shown on 10.04.2019 at the Hochzeitssaal of Sophiensaele.

KORNBLUM-RETTENMUND is an artistic collective founded by Tamara Rettenmund and the stage designer and artist Amelie Hensel. They do research at the intersection of dance, performance and spatial strategies. They work with what is there and those who are willing to participate and flee, untying Gordian knots and making raisins float on Kurfürstendamm, on stages, in galleries.

For the performance Quest, together with the artist and musician Christoph Rothmeier, they embark on a heroine’s journey into the dark realms of space and tulle and open up their research to the aspects of a sounding stage. They interweave the trajectories of differently constituted fabrics and follow the call of adventure. Quest – Schüttgüter und Sternenstaub is the distillation of six months of research. A quest in twelve chapters for the dance of new legs. The path leads along a steep wall into earthy arable furrows. Folded up like mists rising from a mountain gorge, shimmering like a lake touched by gentle wind, and moist and soft like fine earth just wetted by rain. (Ch`a -king, Luh, yü, 3rd chapter) Tulle.

Fragments in which the light refracts open the space in multiple directions and show the body, which is both vulnerable and invincible.

Those who transform themselves into an empty space, into which others could enter unhindered, would be masters of all situations in life. The whole is always in control of the part. (The Book of Tea, Kakuzo Okakura)

The experimental arrangement becomes a dare: not to know. To find one’s own measure. Wingless. How long does a pause last? Is this the moment when a gaze becomes dance? We investigate the recesses, the omission, the end of knowledge. Where space ends, something new begins. When a chapter is written, a new one emerges. Always.

Video trailer of Quest – Schüttgüter und Sternenstaub by Tanzforum Berlin

Fotos: Gerald Pirner