Residences & Co-productions 2019/2020

Residency Carolin Hartmann & Markéta Stránská

During a four-week residency at Uferstudios, one local and one international artist had the opportunity to conduct artistic research and to advance their own practice with dramaturgical and practical support. Following the residency, local artist Carolin Hartmann was given the opportunity to continue her work in the context of a co-production.

Local artist: Carolin Hartmann is a trained yoga teacher, performer and writer. During her four-week residency, she resumed her existing collaboration with her non-disabled colleague Iris Sputh and presented an extended version of the production Birds at Uferstudios on Aug. 29, 2019. In the subsequent co-production as part of Making a Diffrence, Carolin then embarked alone on a dance research journey entitled Brain Operation.

International artist: Markéta Stránská is a choreographer, performer and physiotherapist based in Prague. She has been an active member of the Czech contemporary dance scene since 2012. With her solo performance FLY! she participated in the residency for choreographers* with coaching organized by the Center for Choreographic Development SE.S.TA. in Prague with dancer and coach Jean Gaudin (FR). In the summer of 2018, she participated in FILLIMIT – an international platform for young choreographers – and in an international summer lab with the dance company Candoco in London (UK). During the four-week residency of Making a Difference, Markéta Stránská worked together with Jean Gaudin and the Berlin dramaturg Alexa Hennig on initial ideas for a new performance.

Both artists were interviewed by Tanzbüro Berlin as part of “Who rehearses next door?”:
Link to the interview with Carolin Hartmann
Link to the interview with Markéta Stránská

Five questions for Carolin Hartmann (2023)

Interview with Carolin Hartmann from April 4, 2023. In German spoken language with German Sign Language interpretation and subtitles in German and English (selectable).

Click here to access the transcript of the interview in written English

Co-production Carolin Hartmann (2020)

Following the work residency, Carolin Hartmann embarked on a dance research journey on her own. Brain Operation was an eight-week brain surgery in which Carolin Hartmann expanded her brain functions through body training and meditation, opening it up to free physical brainstorming. This became a journey of discovery and led to the expansion of her movement vocabulary. The surgical process was documented videographically by Yango Gonzales and chronicled in weekly videos on Carolin’s YouTube channel and in regular blog posts. The choreography created during this process, as well as the documentary film by Yango Gonzales, were presented in a sharing at Uferstudios on Feb. 29, 2020.

Link to the website of Carolin Hartmann

Video documentation on Carolin’s Youtube channel:

Brain Operation (Selbsterforschungsprojekt)