Residency & Co-production Sophia Neises 2023


In a four-week research residency in June 2023, Fia Neises will work with three research partners on different dimensions of assistance and interdependence.

With choreographer and dancer Zwoisy Mears-Clarke, she explores how the audience can playfully assist the performance through collectively performed audio descriptions. In exchange with ‘crip pleasure activist’ and dancer Tanja Erhart, Fia focuses on two topics from a dramaturgical perspective: On the one hand the erotic, intimate potential of moments of assistance and on the other hand the influence of relations of dependency on the physical experience of the disabled, queer body in public. Together with Aerial Silk trainer and performer Irene Giró, they will develop a teaching method for Silk training that meets their needs within the spectrum of neurodivergence and sensory disability. They also explore the question of performativity within their teaching dynamics.

Following and based on this research and in co-production with Making a Difference, Fia Neises presents her first production under her own artistic direction With or without you. It will premiere in September 2023 at Uferstudios Berlin.