Training and Knowledge Transfer

With the continuation of funding from March 2022, Making a Difference focuses on intensifying the collaboration with the network partners who are central institutions of the dance and cultural sector in Berlin. This includes the joint development goals of all partners (e.g. raising awareness and increasing the competence of the staff of all partner organisations) as well as organisation-specific goals. Thereby, all network partners embark on the path of restructuring their work to be more inclusive. The project provides personal and financial support: On the one hand through ongoing advice from the project management team Anne Rieger and Noa Winter, and on the other hand, by connecting the partners with local, national and international experts for inclusive and anti-ableist cultural work that lead workshops and consultations. This new aspect of our work is particularly important to us because in order to ensure the sustainable visibility of artists after the end of the project in February 2024, the investment our partners‘ structures is crucial.

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